About Me

šŸ‘‹ I'm Pejman Pour-Moezzi.

Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the web.

Most of these posts were written in about an hour each. My goal is to make long-form writing a near daily activity. It helps me think and generally feels good to create things. Also, it's just nice to get ideas out in the world and see what resonates.

My intention is for this to be a personal blog and not confined to a narrow subject. I want to simply explore whatever I find interesting.

Generally my interests encompass entrepreneurship, technology, media, philosophy, learning, programming and parenting.

My interests undoubtedly draw from my past experiences. So here's a bit more about me:

  • I live with my wife and two kids just outside of Seattle. My kids are Iranian-Sri Lankan-Americans. I really wonder if they are the first of their kind :)
  • I am a proud alum of UC Berkeley. I majored in Cognitive Science and minored in Computer Science. Later, I went back for my MBA.
  • In 2008, while at Berkeley, I co-founded Magoosh, an online education company focused on test prep. Over 1.5 million students have studied with our products to date. I'm still involved with Magoosh as a board member.
  • In 2012, I co-founded Cody, an online yoga video service. We had over 100K paying members in 2017 when we were acquired by Alo Yoga. We have since rebranded as Alo Moves.
  • I left Alo Moves in February 2019 and am traveling with my family around the globe for the next few months. Once I get back, hopefully recharged, I'll get to work figuring out what's next for me.
  • I co-founded a workflow automation company called Reflective in February 2020. You can read more about us here.

If you'd like to reach out, please do. Here's my Twitter and Email.